High Yeld Investment Program PAYING

The following companies offer investment programs that I have personally experienced to be truly paying and also reported as reliable according to the monitoring sites.

Born about two months ago, proposes the following program: 4.1% fixed per day forever, so in 24-25 days you recover the invested capital, after which it is all gain. They deal with cryptocurrency mining. Possibility of reinvesting profits continuously, that is to say that the accrued interest can be immediately added to the invested capital, beginning to accrue other interests in turn. You can pay in USD (Perfect Money and Advanced Cash), BTC, LTC, DASH and if you pay at least $ 50 you credit the interest every 5 minutes, if you pay at least $ 100 you credit it every minute.). You can withdraw the interest you want when you want and even more than once a day. Another very interesting feature (at least for me). If you want, you return your investment (95%), which is essential if you invest more substantial amounts and at some point you change your mind on the destination of funds. Moreover, this fact is also a foothold in case something does not go right and wants to claim.
There is also a small internal Exchange / trading platform, so if you want you can change your currency to withdraw interests in another currency. The withdraws are performed during the working hours (marked on the site).

Here is some payment proofs from my account

Project details:
Investment plans: 4.1% daily for lifetime. Principal returned for a 5% fee anytime.
Minimum deposit: 5 $
Processor payments: Payeer, AdvCash, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash
Withdraw: manual - minimum 0.1 $
Support: email, phone
Works from day: 13.03.2018
SecuritySSL: GeoTrust, DDoS protection: CloudFlare, Custom Script

A long-standing company, it does not need big presentations being highly accredited and leader in the sector: it started the first financial activities in 2009 in particular investments in the stock market and forex market, also providing investment funds for individuals. In 2014 the online activities began with the investment programs in relation to which it is still paying from 3 years and a half, among the longest and most stable in the sector. The simplest program provides a 6.2% daily interest for an initial deposit of between $ 10 and $ 1,000 or higher for higher investment amounts. Then there are also some more profitable plans, like for example. 220% after 20 days or 250% after 30 days. The minimum initial investment is $ 10 and can be paid directly in dollars through different payment processors (Perfect Money, Payeer) or in bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash. Customer support is available and efficient, withdrawals are instantaneous.

Project details:
Investment plans: 6.2-20 % daily for 20 calendar days; 160-220% after 10 calendar days; 220-380% after 20 calendar days (every plan principal included) and other plans.
Minimum deposit: 10 $
Processor payments: Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash.
Withdraw: instant (automatic) - minimum 0.01 $
Support: email, phone
Works from day: 19.12.2014

SecuritySSL, DDoS protection: CloudFlare, Script Gold Coders

This is not a HYIP but a virtual cloud mining service. Basically, compared to an initial investment (minimum 1 dollar), it puts at the service of the user a virtual "computing power" that determines the production of cryptocurrencies that are credited to your account. You can earn profit from 1% to 2 % daily. You can distribute the mining power to your liking by orienting it on the production of various coins (LTC, BTC, ETH, DASH, ZEC and even dollars) allowing you to mix and modify it at any time. Every 24 hours you receive a surprise bonus in computing power, btc or other. You can also start without investing (with 1 Gh / s of power as a gift)


Important: be careful. These are high profit but high-risk investments.

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